Data Integration


When you combine social data with your existing customer data, you achieve a more powerful way of directly influencing the customer.


In recent years a vast industry has sprung up to give enterprises better information than ever about their customers. Customers can be tracked by transaction, by credit history, by demographic and by social information based on address data.

Social media data has the ability to add sources of rich, live data to this. For example, in Facebook, you can track the tastes and affiliations of the consumer; in Twitter, the topics they are engaged with; in LinkedIn, their job title and professional history.

When you add this data to customer transactional data, you achieve an extraordinarily valuable way of understanding the outcome of

  • Direct marketing initiatives
  • Advertising
  • Customer service interactions
  • Product innovations

Sentinel Projects can integrate your data with social data by providing the following:

  • Identify the relevant data sources
  • Build business cases to prove the ROI of data integration
  • Integrate the data itself
  • Provide reporting services to allow a management view of that data
  • Give the enterprise trackable ROI metrics on advertising, branding and marketing initiatives