Bespoke Research


Let conversation be your guide. We turn consumer web commentary into meaningful “maps” that guide you towards key topics, important people and deep insights about your consumers and the things that influence them.


Brands have two lip-smacking opportunities which derive from the millions web data points accessible in real-time:

  • They can mine web data live to understand the actions of their prospects
  • They can look at the conversational and link structure of the web itself to glean astonishing insights about the topics of conversation that create their marketplace and the identities of the key gatekeepers to market success
  • They can understand exactly now their proposition is greeted by the key consumer segments they have targeted
  • They can follow the leading indicators, reinforce successful behaviour and stop harmful actions

Getting at these insights requires detailed market research using cutting-edge mathematical techniques derived from the latest research in web science.

Making sense of them requires long experience of working with businesses and understand how to turn the insights gained into practical actions.

Sentinel Projects employs a variety of experts with mathematical grounding in the relevant disciplines, and professionals who can interpret their findings in order to create brand insights.