We provide the data and services that allow business to take advantage of a transparent world.

We use web conversations to make or save you money.

We start with the business problem and then determine whether online conversation can solve it. Once we know the information we need, we choose the right tool for the job. We use the output from these tools to create a working solution to the client’s problem.

What does all this look like?

Data subscriptions. We provide usable data either directly to a dashboard or via a CRM to an enterprise solution.

Analyst reports. Our team of specialised analysts provide expert insight on our own or on third party data.

Bespoke research. We use web science to dive deep into conversations around given brands or contexts.

Data integration. We provide back-end integration support via custom APIs for enterprises who want to integrate web data into their enterprise CRM.

Sentinel Projects is vendor neutral and partners with the following integrators and data providers.

  • Radian6
  • Brandwatch
  • Conversocial
  • Blueprint