Skyttle 2.0 text analytics, sentiment API launches

Today we are delighted to announce a new version of Skyttle’s Text Analytics. Skyttle 2.0 introduces several important features: – Improved sentiment analysis: the API now extracts larger stretches of text that express sentiment, instead of individual words, we provide context so the user can understand what keywords and entities the sentiment relates to. – XML annotation: there is an option to receive the original text with XML-annotated keywords and Continue reading

Do Facebook’s privacy issues threaten the brand?

Recent news of Facebook’s privacy breach published by the Wall Street Journal is the latest in a string of negative press about privacy on Facebook. So far, the article has had 162 comments and 73,541 Facebook “likes”. With all the attention, it might seem like Facebook is in deep water. Or is it? Does Facebook really have anything to worry about? We decided to take an analytical approach to the Continue reading