We like to think of our Sentinel Projects scientists as chefs in our tech kitchen, cooking up delicious and novel dishes for our savvy customers. Here is where you get to taste of their latest inventions.

“Skyttle” is the name of the underlying technology platform which drives our insights. It uses natural language processing (aka “semantic analysis”, aka “the web of ideas”) and social network analysis (that is, using the nature of networks to shed light on the relative importance of things and people) to extra structured, meaningful information from any textual resource.

Skyttle API

The Skyttle API is our proprietary text analytics engine.

  • Developed by linguistic scientists and mathematicians using state-of-the-art natural language processing algorithms
  • Enjoy the benefits of NLP without spending time and money on complex computer arrays and lengthy data processing
  • Create your own applications such as custom semantic search engines and brand monitoring tools
  • Multi-language capabilities and sentiment analysis