Who We Are

Sentinel Projects helps people understand the world and grasp its opportunities.

Headquartered close to the Thames in London, the company has offices in Chicago and Cochin, India. We employ people with PhDs in maths and computing, corporate backgrounds like Amazon, Autonomony and the BBC and CRM analysts with expertise in working to integrate big data for high street brands. Analysts around the world bring vital local market understanding.

Sentinel Projects’ CEO is Mark Rogers, who launched the company in 2012 following a long history of working with brands to deliver data, insights and services. Since 2004, Mark and his team has worked with more than 100 brands and companies in Europe, Asia, North America and Latin America. We feature some of them here:



  • Data subscriptions - Usable data either directly to a dashboard or via a CRM to an enterprise solution
  • Analyst reports - Expert insight on our own or on third party data
  • Bespoke research - Deep dives into conversations around given brands or contexts
  • Data integration - Back-end integration for enterprises who want to integrate web data into their enterprise CRM


Today we are delighted to announce a new version of Skyttle’s Text Analytics. Skyttle 2.0 introduces several important features: – Improved sentiment analysis: the API now extracts larger stretches of text that express sentiment, instead of individual words, we provide context so the user can understand what keywords and entities the sentiment relates to. – XML annotation: there is an option to receive the original text with XML-annotated keywords and Continue reading