Skyttle 2.0 text analytics, sentiment API launches

Today we are delighted to announce a new version of Skyttle’s Text Analytics.

Skyttle 2.0 introduces several important features:

– Improved sentiment analysis: the API now extracts larger stretches of text that express sentiment, instead of individual words, we provide context so the user can understand what keywords and entities the sentiment relates to.

– XML annotation: there is an option to receive the original text with XML-annotated keywords and sentiment.

– Cross-document keyword and entity matching. The API outputs IDs for each keyword it extracts, which helps match occurrences of different variants of the same entity/keyword in different documents.

– Keyword/entity extraction, sentiment analysis, and XML annotation can be done in one API call, but requesting either type of analysis will count as a separate request.

Skyttle 2.0 supports English, French, German, and Russian for now, with more languages on the way.  Our support for Russian is a new development and one we are very excited about.

There is still a free usage allowance, but in response to requests for enhanced features there are now also paid usage plans for start-up and enterprise use.

Because of the scale and scope of the changes we have made, the format of requests and responses has changed, please see the documentation on Mashape. A sample client script can be found here:

The old API will remain in operation until 15 August, we encourage you to migrate to Skyttle 2.0 ahead of that time. Please get in touch with any questions and comments.

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