Christmas quiz: Who is this?

I used our Skyttle API term extractor to analyse the language of an article about a pop star. But who is being described? cultural shift (1) bully boys (1) works bus (1) property shows (1) class-coded oscillation (1) countless young men (1) record player (1) black-and-white films (1) sure many people (1) bouquet of gladioli (1) local leisure centre (1) second-hand copies (1) humdrum town life (1) studio audience (1) Continue reading

17-year-old blogger who questioned cancer therapy “threatened by lawyer”

A 17-year-old blogger Rhys Morgan has questioned the benefits of a purported cancer treatment – antineoplaston therapy – offered by a Texan clinic run by a Stanislaw Burzynski. He has been threatened by someone claiming to be a lawyer for this clinic – Marc Stephens. The treatment has been in the news because comedian Peter Kay has performed two concerts to raise money for the treatment. Burzynski has previously been Continue reading

Did the Wispa case study justify social media ROI

We got a pingback yesterday on an old blog post about the reintroduction to the market of the Cadbury chocolate bar Wispa. Our claim was that the success of Wispa in sales terms validated using social media in business decision-making. The blogger – working for a measurement agency – suggested it was not possible to attribute the extraordinary sales of the bar to word of mouth/social media. We disagree. The Continue reading

Measuring Facebook: Chinwag Insight 2011

Chinwag Insight: Facebook Marketing View more presentations from Market Sentinel. Earlier this month we presented on the measurement and monetisation panel at the Chinwag Insight: Facebook Marketing conference. You can view our slides above or by visiting Slideshare. My slides focused on the challenges of Facebook from a data perspective: Facebook is difficult to measure, and what little data there is suggests that brands are really struggling to engage with Continue reading

Coffee Marketing: Why So Romantic?

Nescafe’s recent 3-in-1 advert depicts the aftermath of a twenty-something hipster party, most notably in the form of awkward glances between men and women who obviously had a romantic interlude the night before. What did it mean? Does she like me? Will he call? One cup of Nescafe later gets the morning “back on track”, and soon we find our couple, giggling and flirting once again, albeit a bit more Continue reading