The Future of Digital Advertising?

It’s been written – sort of. Creative social have put together a nice eBook called “Digital Advertising: Past, Present and Future”. The book is a compilation of essays and comments, from digital thought-leaders, about how digital advertising has been evolving. I haven’t got myself a copy yet, however, Steve Henry has put some sound-bites on his blog.  A few of my favourites in include: “Succeeding as a social brand is Continue reading

Good Cop + Bad Cop

Gary V is the best example of a Marmite character by far; many people cannot stand his loud brashness whilst others think he’s straight talking and quite passionate. I’m from the latter camp and I’ve got time for his videos because, evangelism aside, he’s straight talking and he talks about business. Earlier this month I presented at MediaPro where the theme was all about integrated communications. I think the seminar could’ve benefited from Continue reading

Understanding communities through ethnography

Ethnography promises new insights for companies seeking to understand communities. A few weeks ago I caught up with ethnographer and technology researcher Tricia Wang to learn how. DS: As a sociologist and ethnographer, what are the core outputs of your studies at the moment? TW: My primary output is analysis of how new technology users are living at the intersection of macro processes. Examples of questions that I ask are: What does Continue reading

Social Media Analysis: Observation of the 2010 Spending Review

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, announced his spending review on the 20th of October. Since then political commentators, economic journalists and Westminster village bloggers have collectively generated a media furore that is still very, very active. The spending review has come at a time when the UK political landscape has changed quickly – in a very unorthodox manner. We haven’t witnessed a coalition government since the early 1930’s Continue reading

Wispa campaign scoops IPA Effectiveness Gold Award

Popular eighties confectionery line, Wipsa, was withdrawn from production due to poor sales in 2003. A marketing campaign inspired by Facebook, with social media and Wispa fans at its heart, helped to re-launch the brand using a relatively small budget of £1.5m. Wispa, since its relaunch, has generated sales in excess of £86.5m becoming Britain’s best-selling chocolate bar. Market Sentinel was commissioned to analyse the growing conversations surrounding Wispa from Continue reading