Fresh Bread Lunch

Mark's fresh bread

We have a lovely German colleague working with us at the moment who was telling us how many companies in Germany traditionally have lunch together, a ritual that not only increases solidarity amongst the team but also encourages everyone to take a break from their computers and enjoy a bit of the good life.

Inspired, we’ve started a new tradition here at the Market Sentinel Offices: Friday Fresh Bread Lunch. Our CEO, Mark Rogers, bakes beautiful fresh bread, and the rest of the team has impeccable taste in sandwich toppings: smoked mackerel, chorizo, prosciutto, salty French butter, creamy cheeses like camembert and roquefort, fresh salad and sweet cherry tomatoes. The result is certainly a bit more appealing than a triangle sandwich scarfed in front of the computer.

Fresh bread lunch

Speaking of scarfing food in front of the computer, we’ve been spending LOTS of time in front of our screens at the moment working on some exciting but all-consuming projects and trying to get various Skyttle releases out the door. With everything going on, it’s really easy to feel like there isn’t time to have a proper lunch. But after today, we’re pretty sure the time loss is just an illusion.

Tomato and chorizo

The Germans have the right idea: a proper lunch is just thing to recharge the creative juices, and actually makes us more productive as a result. Isn’t that what running a successful business is all about? Optimum performance, creativity and, of course, enough fresh bread to go around.

Many slices

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