University of Law

The University of Law is the UK’s largest provider of legal education.  Sentinel Projects was asked to review how students were using digital media to research legal education and select a course provider, and how the university could increase enrolment by improving online engagement with prospective students.  Specific outcomes from the work by Sentinel Projects included: –          Changes to the structure and content of the website leading to improved organic Continue reading

And we’re back!

The Sentinel Projects team has been working pretty intensively with Leadfindr and the blog has suffered.  But now Leadfindr is finding its destiny, and Sentinel has picked up some great new customers, so we are back in action.  Expect blog posts on: Mobile data How to discover your critical KPIs CRM and advertising Google analytics Custom and tailored audiences But in the meantime, it is great to be back!

Skyttle 2.0 text analytics, sentiment API launches

Today we are delighted to announce a new version of Skyttle’s Text Analytics. Skyttle 2.0 introduces several important features: – Improved sentiment analysis: the API now extracts larger stretches of text that express sentiment, instead of individual words, we provide context so the user can understand what keywords and entities the sentiment relates to. – XML annotation: there is an option to receive the original text with XML-annotated keywords and Continue reading

Twitter: new rules for developers

Michael Sippey at Twitter (@sippey) has blogged about the forthcoming changes to the Twitter API. For developers working with the API these are important changes.   The Boston quadrant is particularly significant.   It is worth listening to what Sippey says there: “we’re trying to encourage activity in the upper-left, lower-left and lower right quadrants, and limit certain use cases that occupy the upper-right quadrant.”   In other words, bring your Continue reading

Apple switches to own mapping

Mobile search is a fluid battleground.  Apple just opened a new front by switching from Google to its own mapping.  That means that they are going to be in the business of serving their own search results.  Apple doesn’t own its own search technology, so who is going to provide these?  Bing? Related articles Apple is About to Reduce Google’s Revenues Apple Is Going Full Throttle To kill Google Maps Continue reading