Drinking and driving: the blogs

Two new UK business blogs launched this week, one for Honda and one for Guinness. The context of course is about building brand, but the two blogs are very different in style and content. The Honda blog, which launched yesterday, encourages Honda enthusiasts to register and share the blog. It’s hosted by 2TalkAbout, which is “a new, independent blog network that lets consumers talk about their favourite topics, products and Continue reading

Emergency blogging services

Forget Holby City and Casualty, two blogs tell us what it’s really like to work for the ambulance services – the London Ambulance Service to be more precise. Tom Reynolds is an Emergency Medical Technician. His Random Acts of Reality (Trying to kill as few people as possible…) tells us about life as part of an ambulance crew in London’s busy east end. NeeNaw is written by Mark Myers, who’s Continue reading

Getting the message out on blogs

The NMA this week quotes some interesting case studies about how brands have been experimenting with blog-based marketing in the US. Levi’s, Nokia, Audi and Budget Car Rentals all ran campaigns on blogs last year, of which Budget’s was probably the most fun, rejuvenating the slightly tired format of the online treasure hunt by posting daily video clues on a blog, linked to stickers placed around US cities (nudged on Continue reading

Kellogg’s drive interaction

It’s good to see the success of Kellogg’s new chat website to support their Drop a Jeans Size campaign. Drop a Jeans Size – a smart name for what was the Special K diet – advocates a simple two-week diet where two meals a day are replaced with a bowl of Special K (in any of its varieties). To support the campaign, the site uses online message boards and blogging Continue reading

The business of blogging

I hear a lot of talk about what – if anything – makes a good corporate blog. Not surprisingly, I’m a firm believer that a blog, if managed well, is a brilliant way for companies to talk to their customers. Many of us are passionate advocates of the companies we work for (and will happily bore our friends to prove it). What better way to tell people about the issues Continue reading