Tesco – a reputation melts down in real time [Updated]

It was reported 24 hours ago that Tesco were advertising night shift staff jobs for expenses only (plus government job seekers’ allowance). They have denied it and attributing the advertisement to an IT error. The Guardian has since identified similar advertisements elsewhere, casting doubt on this explanation. In the meantime they are getting roasted on Facebook and Twitter. On Facebook commenters are noting that their remarks are getting deleted. When Continue reading

Market Sentinel – new focus

MarketSentinel is announcing a new focus today. For the last couple of year our clients have been saying things like: “Sure we monitor social media but – bleurgh! – we have no idea what to do with the data. There is so much!” or … “OK, we know we have a problem with customer service, but the data on that never seems to change. Are we making progress?” or … Continue reading